Mill Green’s ethos and belief is that all children should be able to learn and enjoy school life in a safe, caring and supportive environment. We ensure that this ethos is embedded throughout all structured and unstructured times of the day. Our daily life supports: the Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship, National Healthy Schools, Every child Matters Agenda and Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning curriculum. Our Investors in People Quality Standard Mark celebrates our commitment towards supporting all our learners.

Everyone in the education service plays a part in keeping children and young people safe. Creating a safe learning environment, identifying pupils who are suffering or at risk of harm and then taking appropriate action are vital to ensuring children are safe at home and at school.

- - "Protecting your child from abuse"

We strive to achieve this through:

 1. Effective communication and team work

1.1 All meetings have a dedicated agenda item, ‘Safeguarding and Well being’, which will address all learners’ needs and welfare.

 1.2 Each learner has their own home/school communication book. This is used as an effective form of information sharing between school, parent/carer or respite care centres.

 1.3 All class bases have a pastoral book which will record learner needs.

 1.4 All class bases have individual learner white files containing key information and targets in removing barriers to learning.

 1.5 Meetings are arranged throughout the year in order to provide clear information and promote effective team work. Information is shared not only within class but between classes which ultimately leads to successful transition from class to class.

2Classroom/whole environment practice

 2.1 Class teachers’ ensure that their planning not only meets learning objectives but also social and care needs of the individual. All staff support learners through the use of the White Files, class Pastoral Book and through good whole school/learner relationships. 

3. Monitoring and Evaluation

3.1 All policies and procedures throughout school are reviewed and updated on a rolling programme.

3.2 An effective leadership monthly rolling M&E programme ensures that all areas of the school meet the needs of learners.

4. Pastoral Care structure

4.1 A supportive leadership structure throughout school ensures that all staff have clear responsibilities towards the daily welfare of all learners.

4.2 Identified leaders have particular roles within this structure:

a. Head teacher supports all levels of leadership and ensures consistency  of approach from all staff.

b. Head teacher offers an open door policy for both learners’ and parent/carers.

c. Deputy Head teacher and the Senior Leadership team provide support and guidance for all staff and learners.

d. A designated Family Liaison Coordinator provides a vital link between learners, parent/carers and other professionals.

e. All staff are made aware and follow the schools support mechanisms in order to ensure that all learners feel happy, confident and safe whilst working towards reaching or experiencing their full potential. 

f. A strong school council guided by staff ensures that all learner have a voice in order to guarantee that everyone can learn in a happy and safe environment.

5. Training opportunities

5.1 All staff are provided with relevant continuous professional development in order that they may fulfill their role effectively within school.

5.2 Training is provided either through the schools planned rolling programme or through courses provided by St Helens Council.

5.3   Professional and personal development is identified and supported through the school performance management and professional development reviews.

5.4 All school council members are supported through training opportunities provided by St Helens Local Authority initiatives e.g. Learner Voice, The Big Debate.

5.5 All learners are empowered through the school curriculum or by other school initiatives to take part in training opportunities which develop confidence to voice views and/or opinions.

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