All young people who attend Mill Green School have and Education, Health and Care Plan that names the school as the appropriate provision for them. A small number of pupils also attend the school on varying short term placements as a stepping stone back to mainstream provision.

Mill Green School liaises closely with the Special Educational Needs section of the Local Authority, who forward referrals, and often will communicate between prospective parents and the school.

Where a placement in the school has been recommended, a copy of the current or proposed Education, Health & Care Plan, assessments by  professionals such as educational psychologists and therapists, and where relevant the most recent annual review of the EHCP are sent to the school. Confirmation is then made that the school has a place within the relevant age phase, and that the school can meet the needs of the pupil in question. Parents are then invited to visit the school in order that an impression of the school, its philosophy and approaches are understood and are suitable for the proposed placement.

Where possible entry to the school is timed to match the beginning of the next half term or term, but entry to the school at other times is also possible.

Before starting at the school parents are asked to complete an admissions booklet that includes personal family details and permission forms e.g. for medical emergencies, taking part in trips outside school and having photographs taken in connection with the school. They will also be asked by the school nurses for information and will complete medical forms.

Parents of prospective pupils are welcome to visit the school and need to contact the school office to arrange an appointment.

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