Behaviour & Expectations


Mill Green School’s Policy for Behaviour Management and Care is positive and open. Our aim is to support the development of our children and young people in line with the principles of The Every Child Matters Agenda. In nurturing self esteem, self confidence and mutual respect and recognising the importance of behaviour as communication, we encourage socially relevant behaviour which is self controlled.

We promote a whole school approach to pupil care and behaviour management. The implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all staff both teaching and non teaching.

This policy has been updated in accordance with Physical Intervention Training and guidance given by St Helens Behaviour Support Service and training and guidance provided by CAMHS. It takes account of DCSF Guidance 2010’ The Use of force to Control or Restrain Pupils’ and St Helens Council Care and Control Model Policy. This policy should be read in conjunction with Mill Green School , Care and Control Policy.


  1. A positive, stimulating and supportive learning environment preparing all pupils for lifelong learning opportunities.
  2. A supportive, positive atmosphere where staff, pupils, parents and support agencies work together within an open door policy, considering the safety and well being of individual pupils, staff and visitors to school.
  3. Positive encouragement through verbal praise and positive actions to develop self esteem and self regulated behaviour.

Conduct Code

It is expected that all pupils and students behave in a considerate manner whilst in school within a minimum framework of imposed rules which are designed to ensure a safe, caring and positive environment for learning.

Out of school, we support pupils to behave appropriately to maintain and promote the school’s good reputation in the wider community and to maintain the safety of themselves and their group.

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