Careers Information for Employers

Education and business continues to change, particularly when supporting and working with young people who have additional needs. To enable our learners to get the most out of our Careers Programme and to offer them a varied and informed outlook, we believe that relationships with local employers, employment services and voluntary organisations are key. 

Throughout the year, we aim to provide our learners with meaningful Employer encounters, giving them the opportunity to learn about jobs in different sectors, opening their eyes to career options and the routes into these careers.  

With the help of local employers, we want to equip learners and their families with the tools needed to make informed decisions about their futures, including their career paths.  

 If you are a local employer, here are a few examples of ways you can support Mill Green: 

  • Guest speaker talks and presentations 
  • Support in the delivery of talks, discussions and learning sessions about working within your industry. 
  • Work-based experience for our learners 
  • Hands-on workshops 
  • Visits to the workplace
  • Supported Internships and Apprenticeships 
  • Representation at careers fairs 
  • Mock interviews 
  • Provide invaluable, first-hand insight into the local and regional labour markets. 

 Employers and organisations that we are currently working with include: 

  • Haydock Park Racecourse 
  • Go Local, Junction Lane (Parfetts) 
  • Tuffnells Logistics and parcel carrier 
  • Resin Media 
  • AutoTec 
  • St. Helens Chamber 

 If you are interested in getting involved with our careers programme, supporting the development of young people’s career aspirations, please email our Learning Manager (Careers and Work Related Learning), [email protected]

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