Mission, Vision and Values

Our School Mission 

Mill Green School is committed to transforming the lives of young people, their families and their communities through the delivery of innovative, high-quality specialist education and support. We strive to deliver an aspirational, meaningful and personalised curriculum so that our young people build the skills, knowledge, understanding and cultural capital to transition adulthood with confidence and independence.  

Our School Vision 

Mill Green School is a happy, safe and inclusive school where young people are valued and feel a sense of belonging. It is a place where young people’s needs are met with care, empathy and understanding. Our collective school vision (staff, young people, parents, carers and governors) is for Mill Green to: 

  • Share in the high expectations that all young people at Mill Green will gain the social, emotional and academic skills to prepare them for adulthood. 
  • Enable young people to be as independent as possible in their adult lives, becoming resilient, self-advocates who have their voices heard. 
  • Support young people to reach their full potential as valued members of the community who uphold societal values and have mutual respect for those who are different from themselves. 
  • Enable staff, parents and carers to feel pride in, and be aspirational for their young people and for themselves. 
  • Continually strive for excellence, innovation and creativity in the education and support we provide, to ensure that young people are afforded the best possible outcomes. 
  • Be recognised as a national centre of excellence, providing the highest levels of support to young people, parents, carers and professionals. 


Our Values 

The collective values that underpin our school vision are: 

  • Integrity – We are an honest and open school that values reflective practice. 
  • Respect – Everyone at Mill Green School is valued as a unique person, treated with dignity and kindness and encouraged to develop their confidence as independent members of the school community and beyond. 
  • Aspiration – We are tenacious in ensuring that young people at Mill Green are supported in reaching their goals. We push ourselves to ensure we deliver the highest quality provision and educational experience. We are aspirational in our expectations for ourselves and the community which we serve.  
  • Creativity – We strive to provide immersive, real world opportunities for young people to be as independent as possible and to have meaningful educational, social and life experiences that support positive outcomes. We encourage curiosity, risk taking and mistake making as key learning processes and celebrate the successes of every small step.  
  • Resilience – We show resilience and an unwavering pursuit of excellence in everything that we do. We are tireless in our effort to provide opportunities that our young people and their families deserve. We ensure that pupils are supported and encouraged to develop a mindset that allows them to be confident, ambitious and resilient young people.  
  • Partnership – We collaborate, seize opportunities, engage, empower and work in partnership with our young people, their families, schools, organisations and businesses to remove barriers and create opportunities for success. We are outward looking and a growing influence in our local area and beyond.  
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