Rebound Therapy

Rebound therapy is the therapeutic use of the trampoline to develop and promote motor skills, body awareness, balance, co-ordination and communication.

Rebound Therapy is a very powerful therapeutic tool for working with individuals with complex needs including those with profound, multiple learning difficulties or those with complex autistic spectrum conditions.  Rebound Therapy is fun; it can be an extremely effective motivator for individuals who seek movement, love energising their bodies and interacting with a surface that they are able to control and understand. Through Rebound Therapy we can continue to enhance strategies that have been proven successful in the management of autistic individuals including, ‘Intensive Interaction,’ ‘Total Communication Approaches,’ ‘PECS,’ ‘TEACCH,’ ‘Social Cause and Effect’ and ‘Reciprocity’ whilst on the trampoline.

For learners with PMLD, Rebound therapy is an additional therapy used alongside other physical programmers, which are uniquely designed to cater for the individual. The trampoline is an unstable surface therefore the aims are to improve balance, anticipation of movement to include protective reactions.

Rebound therapy offers the individual the sense of freedom and independence and can also encourage relaxation, core muscle strength, stimulation of the bowel and digestive system. Rebound therapy is only delivered by individual members of staff who have received the correct training.

At Mill Green, we have a number of staff who are Rebound and Rebound Plus trained, enabling young people to access the highest standards of therapeutic input.


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